Vrinda is sensitive about the need for proper training. Our goal is to provide instruction of the highest caliber in a caring atmosphere, which will inspire each student while providing challenges appropriate to his or her individual abilities. Vrinda is the principal teacher. Her goal is to bring out the individuality of the student during training.

The curriculum by the Disha Arts is unique to the dance academy and has been carefully constructed to address training in Kathak movement, technique, abhinaya-expressional dance and Kathak theory (drawn from various classical dance texts). Our curriculum will produce well-rounded dancers/graduates who will be able to expand the boundaries of the art form while remaining mindful of the history and tradition of classical Kathak.

The vision of the school is to nurture in the students a passion for excellence in dance. This will result in development of a new generation of accomplished and versatile dancers. The academy’s primary objective is to help student to progress in artistry and creativity. Whether your aspirations are professional or recreational the academy will inspire you with a wide variety and progressive choreography. Disha Arts trained dancers are known for their strong technique combined with artistic expression. The school was built on a strong foundation of Kathak.


Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal is one of the leading organizations for music and dance in Pune, India. Disha Arts Academy encourages students to complete all the 8 levels of theory and practical Kathak exams offered by the organization to receive Visharad degree in Kathak dance. These exams are not mandatory for students of Disha Arts Academy however it provides those students who are interested to attain the degree.  The Kathak course offered by our Academy spans ten years. The first 2 years of training will concentrate on the basics of Kathak dance. It’s more of a get readiness pre-beginner phase and the length can be different for different age groups.

The subsequent 8 years, will follow the course outlined below:

Pre-Beginners: Year 1 and 2

Beginner Levels                             Diploma Levels                                Degree Levels

a. Level 1 Prarambhik                    a. Level 4 Madhayma Pratham    a. Level 6 Visharad Pratham

b. Level 2 Praveshika Pratham         b. Level 5 Madhyama Purna        b. Level 7 Visharad Dvitiya

c. Level 3 Praveshika Purna                                                             c. Level 8 Visharad Purna

The curriculum is designed in a manner that increases the duration of the weekly training session as the student progresses to the next level.  For schedule and fees information contact us at


For ages 5 and up

Offers classes in Markham and North York

Biannual dance recitals for all students

Trains students for Rang - Pravesh- A solo dance debut

Dance performance at community events

Disha Arts Academy is leading kathak coaching class in Markham RichmondHill Toronto area.