Disha Arts Academy




Disha Arts Academy is the leading south Asian dance school offering training in Kathak in Richmondhill, Markham and Toronto area. Kathak is the classical North Indian dance form.  The School’s progressive curriculum, with its emphasis on the classical Kathak training and the physical and emotional well-being of the student, has put Disha Arts Academy at the forefront of dance training in Toronto.The school was established in1992 by Vrinda Bhagwat. She is a founder and director of the academy, as well as teacher and choreographer. Vrinda is the creative force behind the academy and has carved out a unique place with her training and choreography.

Her goal is to bring out the individuality of the student during training. This is the reason why the school has a smaller number of students compared to our contemporaries. The vision of the school is to nurture in the students a passion for excellence in dance. This will result in development of a new generation of accomplished and versatile dancers. The academy’s primary objective is to help student to progress in artistry and creativity. Whether your aspirations are professional or recreational the academy will inspire you with a wide variety and progressive choreography.
Disha Arts trained dancers are known for their strong technique combined with artistic expression. The school was built on a strong foundation of Kathak.


Disha Arts Academy is proudly providing training in Kathak Dance in Richmondhill, Markham and Toronto area.