Mihika Kashyap

Mihika Kashyap was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada. Mihika has always had a passion for dance from her childhood. She began her journey as a Kathak dancer at the age of five at Disha Arts Academy and has received training for 15 years, under the discipline and guidance of her teacher Ms. Vrinda Bhagwat. Mihika has attended numerous dance workshops with Maulik Shah. She has performed in many dance performances for Disha Arts academy – Mausam (1997), Vividha (2004). She has also performed in Nupoor Dance Creations productions of -Naivedya (2007), Prem (2009).  In 2010, she performed in Kathak Mahotsav in Toronto. She is a graduate in System Engineering from University of Waterloo.





Keshia Sooknanan

Keshia started her training in Kathak at Disha Arts Academy at the age 13 where received rigorous training from Vrinda Bhagwat for over 15 years. In addition she has had the privilege of participating in workshops conducted by renowned dancers Shri Pratap Pawar and Maulik Shah.  Keshia took part in a wide range of Disha Arts Academy performances such as Mausam (1997) and Vividha (2004). She performed in Nupoor Dance Creations productions such as Naivedya (2007), Prem (2009),Pancha Tattva (2011) and Paths To Love( 2012). She has also had the opportunity to work with classical vocalist Rajkumar Rizvi in "The River Flows" (2002), a fusion performance performed at the Royal Ontario Museum.  She performed in Kathak Mahotsav in Toronto in 2010, 2011 and recently in 2012. Keshia is an elementary school teacher by profession. She also is an assistant teacher at Disha Arts academy.