Founder and Artistic Director

Vrinda Bhagwat is the founder, artistic director and main choreographer of Nupoor Dance Creations. Vrinda’s forte is the manifestation of creative imagination in dance choreography, which is highly enhanced when performed by trained and proficient dancers. Vrinda is trained in Kathak under India’s eminent dancer Shri Pratap Pawar, who is the first disciple of Pandit Birju Maharaj. Vrinda is full-fledged Bharatnatyam dancer and trained under Ms.Vasanthi Srinivasan of Natyanjali school of Bharatnatyam, and performed her Arangetram at National Art Center in Ottawa. She performed extensively as a soloist, as well as in company of Ms. Vasanthi Srinivasan. Her love for Hindustani music and the naturalness of Kathak was a deciding factor to train herself in Kathak, and establish the dance school Disha Arts Academy.

Vrinda is bestowed with an acute sense of aesthetics for artistic creation. Her talent of visualization and transferring aesthetics to reality is the key element that brings grandeur to all her art presentations. Vrinda was pursuing a dance career part time until 2006, while working with her own company for many years. She has designed beautiful products for an interior design company-Art Mosaic, which was admired for the aesthetics by the western and eastern society. Since she embarked upon a full time career in dance, she has produced four path breaking dance productions, which were well received by the audiences. Drawing from her creativity and passion for dance, she is forging ahead to create productions reflecting the global environment promoting international artists as well as Canadian artists.